Yay pictures!

I kept putting off posting these pictures because I'm lazy and not happy to be back in Raleigh instead of still at the beach.  Go to my flickr page to see the rest of them.

Our Beach Cottage – My grandfather built this cottage back in the fifties I believe.  It's about the size of a typical two bedroom apartment.  There's another almost identical one across the dirt road where my Aunt and Uncle built one at the same time.

Inside the cottage

The kid's room.Mr. TVCool light fixture.Old stove.My parents' room.Cozy bed!

The ocean and the sound.

Mom and Dad at dinner on Saturday night at the best restaurant ever, JK's.  Go there if you are ever in the Kitty Hawk, Nags Head area.

It was funny to be at the beach by myself with my parents now.  I felt like Gidget in Gidget Goes to Hawaii.  Except Moondoggy wasn't there.

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3 thoughts on “Yay pictures!

  1. cyrena – It is a great relaxing place to go to. I love how simple and cozy the cottage is.Citizen Geek – I probably will not make it for Labor Day because I have wedding stuff to take care of, and I don't really like going there for holiday weekends. You know how I am when I have to drive in traffic… 😉

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