Book Review – Don’t Look Back

Don't Look Back

Karin Fossum

Thanks to SteveP’s review of another of Karin Fossum's crime novels, I decided to check out the first Inspector Sejer mystery available in America.  At first, it was a little difficult to get into the language because the book is translated from Norwegian, and this caused some of the dialog to be a little stilted.  I was able to get past this quickly, however, because the story was very gripping.  The naked body of a young teenage girl is found by a lake in a small town at the foot of a mountain in Norway.  Throughout the book, there are many convincing suspects, and I didn't figure this one out until the book was almost over.

The very last chapter left me a little perplexed.  I wasn't sure what the author wanted me to think, but that might have been her intention.  If you read this or have already read it, let me know what you thought about this.

This was a solid mystery that kept me hanging until the very end.  I will definitely read more of her novels, and I suggest this to any fan of crime novels.

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