Mmmm cake.

Here are some pictures I promised in the comments from my invitation post.  Look away if you don't want to read about my wedding.  :)  It will be over soon…

These are our invitations.  Very simple.  I really like them.

And the best part… the cake!  It will be all yellow cake, except for the top layer, which will be lemon w/ raspberry filling (my favorite).  The icing will be butter cream.  Ours won't have the monogram, but the rest of it will be just like this picture.  No topper.

OK, that's enough wedding stuff for a while now! 

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4 thoughts on “Mmmm cake.

  1. I was a wedding planner in Beverly Hills. It was fun. My boss and I would always tell couples that it is about a marriage and not a wedding because they would fight like crazy over stuff to the point of leaving the appointments. That is beautiful and I'll tell you that simple is always best. Show a little style, make it respresent you both but dang, save all the money you can towards a down payment on a house. I am waiting for a piece of the top layer. When people go too crazy with the details the weddings last longer than the marriages. Congratulations and have a beautiful, wonderful, loving day. Your guests will be so happy just to see you both look star crossed into each others eyes and spend your lives together in happiness.

  2. Stacy and ibatster – Thanks! :)Dancing Bear – Simple and
    classic has made this planning process easier. When you want things
    classic, the choices tend to make themselves. Things are also cheaper
    because you tend to need less "stuff." Like smaller and simpler flower
    arrangements, etc. Thank you, I know we will have a lovely day and
    life together.

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