A friend from library school just emailed me to tell me that he got a full-time librarian position.  At the moment, the only open position I'm qualified for is part-time.  Am I a bad person for gritting my teeth and hating him while replying with my congratulations?

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6 thoughts on “Jealousy

  1. Not at all. You've both worked hard and you want to succeed as he has. The good thing is that you are replying with a congratulations – even if you are gritting your teeth while doing so.Why are you only qualified for part-time?

  2. Oh, I'm qualified for full-time. It's just that the only open entry level librarian job right now is part-time. I found something that I'm slightly under qualified for also that I'm going to go for anyway. That's what this guy found so why can't I, right? I'm trying to use it as motivation, but that's pretty hard to do sometimes.

  3. I have found with library gigs the hardest part is to just get your foot in the door. Once in, it is just a matter of tme before being promoted are gaining the experience to move on…
    Good Luck and let me know if you are ever in South Mississippi looking for a job…

  4. Thanks for the encouraging words. For that reason, I am going to apply for the part-time position. It is a professional one, and it will get me in that library system. A new branch will be opening within a year so I would be in line for one of the new full-time positions that will create.

  5. actually, i think that you're a good friend for giving him what he needed in the form of congratulations, and then reaching out to others for your confidence boost. my grandpa imparted this sage advice on my mother who shared it with me: it's always easier to find the job you want, when you have a job already, even if it's not the job you want. if you try it, i hope that it works for you too.

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