First Sweater

I just started the Ms. Marigold sweater, and things are going well so far.  It is a top down sweater.  Do I need to know anything special to do one of these as opposed to a regular sweater pattern?  Any tips from the knitting group?   I'm a little nervous about it since it is my first sweater.

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4 thoughts on “First Sweater

  1. as my friend's knitting mom loves to say, if you haven't ripped it out at least once, it isn't worth doing. I don't think i've ever made anything i haven't ripped a significant chunk out of.Post us some updates on how it's going!

  2. I actually have ripped it already, and I'm trying an easier sweater that I found free online. I'll come back to this one after some practice with Caron Simply Soft on the other one. I have a picture that I'm planning to post later on. Need to find that pesky camera cord…

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