The Bourne Ultimatum

Go. See. This. Movie.

I just got back from seeing The Bourne Ultimatum, and I don't think my heart rate has gone back to normal yet.  This movie grabs you from the very first second and keeps on going until the end.  This is one of the best movie trilogies of all time, and what makes it unusual is that the last movie was the best one.  The first two were excellent, but nothing compared to the adrenaline packed film I just saw.

By providing the moviegoer with excellent character development, the screenwriters (and Robert Ludlum of course) have created an action flick that I can sit through without yawning.  You can pack a movie with car chases and fight scenes, and I won't give a shit if I don't care about the main character.  Matt Damon was excellent.  There were several lines in the movie that he performed with perfect delivery.  Several times I was laughing, clapping, and cheering along with the rest of the theater.

I love that they didn't try to "bring in the women" by creating some contrived love story.  We're not stupid, one tender love scene in the middle of an action flick does not interest me.

This is by far the best movie of the summer, if not the year.  Make sure you catch it while it's still in theaters.

As much as I love James Bond, I would rather have Jason Bourne in my corner if someone's after me. 

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4 thoughts on “The Bourne Ultimatum

  1. I totally agree with your review. I thought the pacing was fast and the plot didn't get hung up on some silly romance (like before). Though I'm not sure if this is the last Bourne movie. I read somewhere that if Supremacy did well they would consider bringing back Bourne for more movies. Hmmmm.

  2. I too want to see this movie. Very much so. It, however, always puts my wife to sleep when we see these movies. Maybe she will stay up during this one. Now, to convince her to see it…

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