Odd couple.

So here's Dan's relative height.  He's not quite as tall as the average Dutchman, but he's close.  He's way taller than me, although my college boyfriend was 6'4" which was ridiculously taller than me.

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6 thoughts on “Odd couple.

  1. I thought I was Czech but I must be Dutch. Nice to have a big guy around the house, eh. "Honey. Can you get me a bowl? Honey can you change that light bulb. Honey, can you clean he ceiling fan"? Yep. It's gonna work just fine.

  2. Dancing Bear – Yes, his height can be very convenient for me around the house. :)Citizen Geek – You're too funny. I think the two of you are the same height.ibatster – Relative to me, he's pretty dang tall, but you're right, 6' is not that tall.

  3. Well, compared to me, you're freaking tall!! You can reach the top shelf, while I have to go get a chair to stand on. To me, that is how you determine what "tall" is. I guess unless you live in a house built back in the day where everything is low. Or in a hobbit hole.

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