50 in 365

I've seen groups in various places on the internet challenging themselves to read 50 books in 2007.  Well, I couldn't really do that while I was in school so I'm starting now and will try to read 50 books by 7/31/08.  It doesn't seem like that many, but I tend to lapse every once in a while and take weeks to finish a book.  Hopefully, this will make me either sit down and read or stop reading something horrible to get on to the next book.  I'm going to wait and start counting with the next book I read because I don't want #1 on the list to be the crappy vampire novel I just read.

I also joined Shelfari, which might be of interest to some of you.  I don't know if LibraryThing users will need another book website, but I like this one because it's free and I can import my library from Delicious Library into it.  If you join and want to add me as a friend, my name over there is BookishlyFab.

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5 thoughts on “50 in 365

  1. Just think of all the places you'll be going and people you'll be meeting. 50 is quite a few but imagine your outlook upon completion. Good luck and a review of each would be good blog stuff.

  2. So are you on library thing too? If so which do you like better? I know there's a couple of these site and I haven't picked one yet. No way I'm going through my book collection more than once.

  3. I know you can import from LibraryThing to Shelfari so you would only have to enter your collection once if you used both sites. You might be able to go the other way as well, but I haven't really done that much with LibraryThing so I can't say for sure.Since I already paid for Delicious Library, the main draw to Shelfari was that it was free and I could import what I'd already entered. LibraryThing is really cheap I believe so it just depends on which one you like better. I think you can put a certain number of books on it before you have to pay so you can try before committing. I've thought about using both, but I'm a nerd for cataloging my books. On LibraryThing, you can arrange them in Dewey Decimal order, which gives me much pleasure as a librarian. 🙂 Shelfari is very visually pleasing and has a lot of groups for various genres that I find interesting.

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