I saw these today.  I want them so bad, but I'd probably hardly ever wear them because I've spoiled my feet with flats lately.

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4 thoughts on “Covet

  1. Those are super-sweet! I wore high-heels like mad because I'm 5'2". After both feet had operations (bad feet because I wore leg braces as a toddler and they didn't factor in it goobering up my tootsies), I just cannot wear them. I used to be able to wear them for a couple of hours but now that I'm up to 6 operations on feet? Nope. Those days are done. Get them an enjoy them!!

  2. I think I'll wait for them to go on sale because they are full price right now. Also, they are not the kind of shoes I would wear in the summer so I might as well wait until fall anyway.They are ridiculously cute though, aren't they? I saw them from across the shoe dept in Macy's and was pulled across the dept to them immediately by unknown forces.

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