Knitters own computers. Gasp!

There was a post on TechCrunch about Ravelry.  The guy that wrote the post was snarky but not stupid about knitters and crocheters having their own networking site, but some of his readers had some stupid things to say in the comments.

The last time I checked, there were 80 comments!  They were mainly from knitters explaining to the techies that we are not all sitting in our rocking chairs with cats and grandchildren at our feet while we knit.  It was quite funny just for the fact that I don't think he or his readers expected that kind of response.  I guess we do know how to work the interwebs after all, huh?

It's also funny that computer geeks would jump on the stereotype wagon so easily.  I could go on about pocket protectors, big glasses held together with tape, and no chance of ever getting a girl.  😉

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5 thoughts on “Knitters own computers. Gasp!

  1. hi, i just added you because i've seen you around lezlee's vox, and i love knitting and reading as well. my vox was initially supposed to be a craft blog, but i've strayed. also i'm about to change my major and give up my parents dreams of me being a mechanical engineer because i want to be a librarian 🙂

  2. Wow, I didn't realize there are still people out there that think knitting/crocheting is exclusively relegated to the over 60 set. But, my guess is that Mr.TechCrunch does NOT have a hot little number at home who knows how to knit/crochet. His loss.

  3. Mama Hughes – I know! Obviously if there is an invite waiting list 10,000 people long, knitters are online.alyssa! – Another librarian! We will rule the world one day. :)Janette – So true. Dan loves that I knit and crochet. He's excited about getting a scarf this winter.

  4. It's also funny that computer geeks would jump on the stereotype wagon so easily.Exactly! Hey nerds! The kettle called, you're black.

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