Transformers review.




OK, now that I've told what I thought about it, let me tell you two reasons why you might not like it:

1 – You didn't watch the cartoon as a kid.
2 – You're not interested in seeing what amounts to a really expensive toy/car/cell phone commercial.

It was a bit slow in the beginning, and I thought some of the stuff in the first 45 minutes could have been cut.  That could be because I saw that part twice due to the bomb scare the first time I tried watching it.  Once all the Autobots show up, it starts kicking ass and doesn't stop until the end. 

I told Dan I want a robot car for my birthday.  Although I'd rather have an Aston Martin spy robot car with young Sean Connery as my sidekick.  A girl can dream.

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2 thoughts on “Transformers review.

  1. my 3 year old saw it and asked me to take him to 'burger king" (BLAH!) because they had tf toys. when he found out they were out of red ones – optimus prime? – he cried and cried, and the ladies all started going through the boxes. he settled for the yellow one.

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