OMG – my head’s gonna splode!

Update:  I'm in!  I'm BookishlyFab over there if anyone else is in and wants another friend!

The green-eyed monster has gotten me.  I'm trying to be a nice girl and wait for my ravelry invitation, but I keep reading all this awesome stuff about it!

I know some people have emailed to ask about their positions on the waiting list, but it's just two people working on it.  I'd feel guilty about asking them to stop working on the website to answer my question.

Don't know what ravelry is?  Go to  If you knit or crochet, it's where all the cool kids are.  I'm stuck here with my nose on the glass waiting to get in.

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2 thoughts on “OMG – my head’s gonna splode!

  1. Yeah, same here. I'm really new to knitting, but I'm also new to the online crochet community even though I've been doing that for longer. I have to get busy this weekend taking pictures of my stash, which is ridiculously large for the number of FOs I have…

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