La Vie En Rose

Wow.  This movie was really well done, but Edith Piaf had an incredibly tragic life.  Marion Cotillard was perfect as the singer.  I'm sitting here with a big glass of red recovering.

I definitely suggest this one, but don't go thinking you'll be seeing something uplifting. 

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5 thoughts on “La Vie En Rose

  1. I don't really know anything about Edith Piaf – the first and only time I've heard her music was on a French Playlist from my Zune Marketplace. I loved the song though, and I love biographies so I think I'll add this one to my queue… Thanks!

  2. Its in theaters?! That's so surprising I haven't seen it yet because I go to this backwater kind of theater that plays all those independent flicks… I must go hunting! Quick question – is it in French?

  3. Yep, it was at an independent theater in Raleigh. It is in French so you need to be in a reading mood when you go. I find that I do better with subtitles in a theater than at home on DVD because I tend to fall asleep from my eyes getting tired when I'm on the couch. I love Amelie, but fall asleep every time I watch it. That could also be because I start it too late.

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