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I just found this website called finetune where you can make playlists and share them.  I don't think it is new or anything.  I'm just slow in getting into the game apparently.  If you are already a member or if you decide to join, add me as a friend.  The link above is to my profile. 

The coolest thing about the site is the "Artist Radio" feature where you choose an artist, and they play songs by that artist and related artists for you.  I tried it with Elton John and got some really cool related artists like Scissor Sisters.  Below is a playlist I made by adding two songs and clicking "I'm lazy."  It filled up the playlist with really good choices, in my opinion.  As you can see, they have a blog widget you can use to share playlists.  The myspace code works on Vox, not the other one.  Come play with me on this website!  🙂

There is also a finetune desktop you can download to listen right on your computer.  It will grab a list of artists from iTunes for you to use in the Artist Radio feature.  Right now, nothing happens when I click play on that though so I think it's still buggy.  Update – It's not buggy.  I'm just impatient.  Since it has to buffer and everything, it just takes a little while after you click play.   Unlike other players, it doesn't show you a meter or anything so it looks like it isn't responding. 


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2 thoughts on “cool new toy –

  1. Yeah, except you can also make your own playlists to save and share. I haven't played with Pandora that much, but I think finetune makes it more social than Pandora. The only restriction is that there can only be 3 songs by any artist on a playlist, and there must be at least 45 songs on a playlist.

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