Birthday party.

We had a birthday party last night for my best friend.   I made these strawberry cupcakes, and they were really good.  I used a recipe from this book so it was a doctored up cake mix with frosting made from scratch with fresh strawberries and confectioner's sugar.  I like to bake from scratch when I do bake, but we had so much other stuff to do to get ready for the cookout that I needed something easy but nicer than a mix.  They were a big hit at the party.  Everyone loves cupcakes.

I made this crocheted garden gnome for her birthday present.  She didn't want me to spend anything since I was throwing her a party.  It's from an Amy Gaines pattern on etsy.  I also made her a mix CD of happy light summer music from my collection.  That's what is going on in the background on the PowerBook.

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3 thoughts on “Birthday party.

  1. This will make me sound like a baking snob but I've never used mix – I just couldn't! Prepping a cake batter is second nature to me, I knew the basic recipe for a sponge cake by heart by the time I was 7! I cooked all Saturday as well and ended up "cheating" and making a summer pudding for desert.

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