Odds and ends.

A bunch of stuff you probably don't care about:

1.  Today was my first day back at school for the summer.  The class won't be too bad, but there is a lot of assigned reading to do.  It will be interesting though because it is about tween and teen library services. 

2.  My teacher kept calling Vista "Windows 07."  The techno-savvy folks in the class all had to hold in the urge to laugh at her.  This is my third class with her, and she grates on my nerves a little bit.  She talks too much about nothing, which keeps us in class longer for no reason.  We were there from 9-12, and probably spent only 1 hour on actual course-related stuff.  That's not good when the class only meets 5 times.  I don't care about your kids, your divorce, or why you hate email and refuse to answer it.  Just teach, dammit!

3.  In five weeks I will be an official (but unemployed) librarian!!

4.  I forgot to reset the alarm for Dan when I left for class, and he woke up at 9:45.  Oops…  Thankfully his lab manager wasn't pissed.  I guess we were up too late watching Buffy.

5.  I wish I could drop out of school, quit my job, and watch Buffy while crocheting and sewing all day.  I'm so addicted.  And I'm completely in love with both Spike and Giles now. 

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5 thoughts on “Odds and ends.

  1. Not quite to Season 3. I have one more disc of Season 2 to watch. The first season was good, but it's much better now that there are ongoing story-lines and not just stand alone episodes. And Oz doesn't appear until Season 2. šŸ™‚

  2. Ugh. Teachers who don't teach and instead waste time with pointless personal commentary get on my last nerve. Fortunately, I haven't encountered too many of those. Five weeks to go — yay!!!

  3. 1. Teen and tween is my favorite. I collect books( In my house and in my head). 2. It is nice when a teacher remembers that when they have graduated the class, students will remember (s)he was a good teacher if (s)he taught the coursework. (A long way of saying "stick to the syllabus, this is not a popularity contest). 3. My dream job. I wanted to be a librarian since I was seven. Now you have to be so trained that I decided to make my own library. 4. Refer to Q of the D regarding alarm clocks for help finding the perfect alarm clock for two. 5. There should be a club for that. 'Til now I felt so alone.*GRIN*

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