PSA – Private posts

I just realized that when I make a post private because I need to make sure the pictures are arranged the way I want, I have to go into edit mode to allow comments.  Changing the post to public from your blog does not allow comments.  Just so you know. 

I kept wondering why I didn't get any comments at all for the past several days, and now I know.  Not that you should feel any pressure to leave me comments.  🙂

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6 thoughts on “PSA – Private posts

  1. You can just click where it says Viewable by on your Vox page and change it there. That makes it a bit easier to see what your post looks like before you post it. Doesn't work for the photos, of course… Maybe that is something Vox should be working on.

  2. Update – cos I have been playing around and checking things out.The best way to have private posts, then make them public and enable comments without having to go into edit mode is to enable comments from anyone/neighbourhood/friends/whatever level you want in your account profile, privacy settings. Then you can have a private post, check out how it looks and change it with the Viewable by (as mentioned above). Hope this helps.

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