Movies, movies, movies

I switched from Netflix to Blockbuster Online because I have a Blockbuster within 5 minutes of my house.  This weekend alone, all the DVDs I watched were worth more than a month's subscription.  It's nice to be able to have stuff in your queue that you know you want to see and still having the option of getting a movie on a whim.

Dan likes it because he'd rather rent movies than TV shows on DVD so I put the TV shows in my queue, and he can get the movies in the store.  Although only one of the DVDs was his choice this weekend:  Miami Vice.  I wasn't home when he watched so I can't give a review.  He didn't sound very enthused about it after the fact. 

The only thing I don't like is that movies stay on your queue until they get back to the warehouse.  They put a little thing by it that says it was turned in at the store, but I think as soon as I hand the DVD over to a Blockbuster employee, the movie should no longer be associated with my account at all.  That's just me though…

My current queue (with two that I've already turned in still there):

This weekend I saw:

The Queen – Very good.  Made me wonder why they keep the monarchy around anymore at all, even though I know it was fictionalized.  Helen Mirren was amazing in this.  So good that you didn't even think about it being her while you watched the movie.

The Holiday – I liked it a lot, but I really like chick flicks so take that with a grain of salt.

More Buffy, Season 2 – The second season is kicking some serious ass.  I can't wait for the next three discs to come in the mail.

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2 thoughts on “Movies, movies, movies

  1. Blockbuster really is a better deal than NetFlix. I almost rented The Queen this weekend too, but picked up For Your Consideration instead. I liked The Holiday — and I'm not usually too into chick flicks. Looks like someone is getting a Buffy fix!

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