Coolest kid on the block.

Thanks to W. B. Mook, I am now the coolest kid on my block because I picked up the most awesome toy to ever hit store shelves, Optimash Prime!

I brought this home for Dan and I to play with.  He was pretty excited, but not as much as me.  Oh well, I'm a kid at heart.  The packaging was really clever.  On the back it says he's a "Tater-Bot with dual identities!"  And "Potatoes in Disguise" is just classic.  A woman with her kids was looking at me and my best friend like we were strange when we were squealing with delight over this in Target.


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2 thoughts on “Coolest kid on the block.

  1. Awesome, you actually got him! Like I said to Tony, I knew there was more genius on the packaging that I just wasn't capturing by only posting the official merchandise picture.

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