Book Review – Anybody Out There?

People usually refer to Marian Keyes as a chick lit writer, but I'd have to say I disagree.  While her protagonists are 20-something women, the themes of her novels are serious with a humorous touch.  In her previous novels, she's dealt with cancer, alcoholism, depression, etc.  I have nothing against chick lit as I enjoy some novels in the category, but I hate for such a talented author to get categorized that way because some people will overlook these fantastic books due to the label.  You can tell she really does a great deal of research on the issues she addresses when reading her work.

This one has a bit of a twist so I can't really say what issue it deals with, but I can promise that it's a wonderful novel.  I laughed and cried and didn't want to go to sleep last night because I was near the end.  Her books remind me of something Dolly Parton says in Steel Magnolias about laughter through tears being the best emotion.  I can't recall the direct quote.

This novel is in the series about the Walsh family, and Anna is the main character.  The books aren't officially in order, but you'll find out the endings of Watermelon, Rachel's Holiday (her best novel in my opinion), and Angels if you read this one first.  


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2 thoughts on “Book Review – Anybody Out There?

  1. I've read the other books in the "Walsh series", and my favorite is Watermelon (though I enjoyed Rachel's Holiday a lot as well) . Thanks for your review…now I'm really looking forward to reading Anybody out there, which hopefully will be soon!

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