Project organizer

Project Organizer
Project organizer open - lots of pockets!
Big pocket

This is from a McCalls pattern that includes several craft organizers (including the crochet hook roll I made earlier in the week) and a tote.  It was good practice with the new machine.  I'm really happy to know how to do pleated pockets now for the next bag I make.  This took me two nights to make.  I probably could have done it in one, but I didn't get started until late on Wednesday night.

This is mainly to keep my embroidery stuff organized, but I'm also keeping my crochet gauge ruler and stitch markers in it.

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5 thoughts on “Project organizer

  1. UGH! Would you stop it already?! I can't even finish my frackin' SOCK CREATURE and you've made a million things already!But again, great fabric pattern choice 🙂

  2. maura_ea – I'm taking a second session summer course. After this class, I'm done forever! I don't actually graduate until December, but I'll be done.mariaelaina – Thanks! You should learn. It's really not as hard as you think it would be as long as you start with easy patterns.

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