Angel, Won’t You Call Me :: If God Will Send His Angels

My first one!  I guess I need to work on the whole getting the album artwork on there thing.  I'm just too lazy to try.

For my neighbors who don't know what the heck this is, check out the Calliope No. 8 group.

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10 thoughts on “Angel, Won’t You Call Me :: If God Will Send His Angels

  1. Thanks for the link but I'm not a Windows user…I read the original Vox article and tried their link, too. Also, only Windows users. : ( Love my mac but hate the way we're ignored.

  2. If you're using iTunes I feel your pain. It took me weeks and many thwarted attempts to get the images to stick to the icons. What I learned: Even though they look like the image is tagged to the file in iTunes doesn't mean it will load to your Vox. It only seems to work for me on the mp3s. Simply select a song in your itunes, right-click for file info, drag an image to the artwork area and save. Or if the image is on your computer, click ADD and then browse to the file. Good Luck.

  3. Actually, there are just as many (if not more) widgets and things for the mac to auto-update album art. Whether it actually makes it stick to the song, I don't know (not being a mac user myself), but a quick search for "album art mac" turns up a good number of them, including Album Art and Lyric Thingy which seems to do what you want. Also, the original how-to linked by maura has other suggestions in the comments by mac users – I'd see what they have to say.In short, there's all kinds of automated ways to get album art in there now, windows or mac aside. Nobody should have naked albums anymore! 🙂

  4. Technically, there's no right click on a mac…Control+click usually works but I'm looking and my iTunes seems to be all mp4's (from my CD's).It's easy-peasy if you have a jpg to just drop it in the big white box that says, "Drag artwork here" but after I do that, the art doesn't seem to "go" with it. It shows in iTunes just doesn't go along with vox (I know it's operator error).

  5. there's no right click on a macControl + Click will get you the contextual menu and Apple + I will open the file info box. Once I converted my music to mp3s, I no longer needed any of the software I had gotten– none of which fixed my problem.

  6. How did you convert to mp3s? Or how can I without the software you mentioned? Mine are in iTunes from my own CDs that I imported…and if I look at the file types, they say mp3. Is it a simple thing or something I'd probably decide on taking a nap rather than figuring out? Thanks!

  7. For some reason…even though everything is imported to iTunes as an mp3…I always have to put two copies of the album art when adding them to the iTunes tab…

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