I break electronics.

Today I broke my new sewing machine!  It couldn't handle the heavier fabrics I was using I think.  I guess I got what I paid for.  :(  I took it back and got my money back because they didn't have the model I bought in stock.   I think I'm actually going to take that money and get a Kenmore instead.  They are built with metal parts (the Brother is all plastic).  There's also a Sears Service Center here that can fix it for me if I get a warranty. 

My desktop PC stopped booting up a month or so ago.  It's not my main computer so I let it sit around for a while.  Well, we found out that getting it fixed would be $300 minimum.  As cheap as new computers are, it's not worth the cost of repairs.   I love my Mac anyway, and with all the sewing I've been doing, I don't have time for video games anyway.  =P

So keep your electronics away from me because I'll break them by being in the general vicinity.

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8 thoughts on “I break electronics.

  1. Oh no! I have a Janome MemoryCraft and they are the best sewing machines ever! They can sew through anything. They're kind of pricy but they're worth it.

  2. maura_ea – We actually haven't taken it anywhere yet. We just looked at the repair prices everywhere and they were too much. I'm almost positive that it's the motherboard. Almost anything else, and I would try to replace it myself. They charge $50 upfront to look at it, and then the labor fees would probably add up to $100. Then the price of the motherboard on top of that would get it to around $300 we're guessing. I used to have all kinds of computer nerd friends, but I don't know where they all went! 🙂 Dan's a science nerd, not a computer nerd unfortunately.

  3. Megan – From what I've read, I think Janome and Kenmore are made by the same people now so I'm glad to hear that yours is nice. I've decided on a Kenmore that is on sale right now, and I'm definitely getting a service plan on it. It's still a little more than the Brother, but I think it will be worth every penny extra, most notably because there are several Sears repair centers around here.

  4. Ah, yeah it's tough when you've got to go to "businesses" for help – they ream you knowing that they have the upper hand. Hopefully you can find someone who can fix it – and for a price you can afford 🙂 Lucky you have a back up!

  5. Actually it's sort of the other way around – certain Kenmores are really made by Janome. I've never used a Kenmore machine, I had an ancient 1960s Singer before my Janome and that sucker was pretty tough but I've heard more recent Singers aren't as good as they used to be. I guess people just don't sew as much as they used to 50 years ago. At any rate, my Janome was a graduation gift from my mom when I graduated college in 2000 and I've never had a single problem with it in those 7 years. Since I play in the SCA it gets some heavy use LOL.

  6. Yeah, I figured that out yesterday when I was talking to the salesperson. The one that I got is made by Janome for Sears so that's good that yours has worked for so long. One thing I found out is that Sears can service all sewing machines, including Janomes, if you ever need to take it somewhere and there isn't an authorized dealer around. I've had really good luck with them for other appliances.

  7. My mom's had her Janome since around 1994 and she uses it a lot more heavily than I do. Hers is a larger model than mine. But it's going strong after all her quilting, clothing construction, repairs, Lord only knows what else. I used hers in high school when she'd let me.

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