Large tote finished!

I finished my second handbag project today.  This is the large version of the other bag I made.  I'm going to use it to carry around my crochet works in progress and my embroidery stuff.  Yes, I've started to learn embroidery too.  I'm obsessed with crafts now.  At least I have something to show for my time spent crafting as opposed to time I used to spend on WoW. 

I'm very excited about the machine buttonhole I used for the closure.  I sat down last night and learned to use it, and I will be putting buttonholes in everything now!  It was so easy.  I found a few kits for making fabric covered buttons in my grandma's sewing stuff so I think I'll play with those on my next project.

Button!Fabric for bag.Back of tote.

I ordered some fabrics and another pattern from Repro Depot's sale page today.  They were all $6.00/yard or less.  Two of them were only $3.00/yard!!  I can't wait to try that Amy Butler Frenchy Bag.  It will be torturous waiting for this stuff!  I picked UPS Ground because it was free.

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