What I’ve been watching.

I got tired of being sucked into watching Golden Girls at 1 am when it is re-run on Lifetime.  I bought the first season, and I am in Golden Girls heaven.  Sophia cracks me up.  I could watch this show and The Cosby Show every night and not tire of them at all.  Fortunately, The Cosby Show is shown during daylight hours on some channels.  Now for your viewing pleasure:

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2 thoughts on “What I’ve been watching.

  1. Don't get cable but I remember that the Golden Girls was funny EVERY time you watched, which is something. I'm with you on Cos, too, although that wasn't as good as GG, IMO.

  2. Golden Girls is definitely more consistently funny than Cosby, but there are some episodes of Cosby that really tickle my funny-bone. 🙂 Both shows have the comforting nostalgic appeal as well.

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