Go Mighty Ducks!

One thing I may not have mentioned in my blog before is my love of hockey. The seeds of this love were planted when I saw the Mighty Ducks movies as a kid. In North Carolina, that was as close to the sport as I could get until the Hurricanes came to Raleigh.

When I saw that the Ducks won, I turned to Dan and excitedly said, "Go Mighty Ducks!"

He said, "You do realize that it actually isn't a team of kids coached by Emilio Estevez, right?"

What a smart ass he can be sometimes.

Ducks hammer Senators 6-2 to claim first Stanley Cup

Anaheim is the first West Coast city to lay claim to the silver chalice since the Victoria Cougars of the Western Canada Hockey League defeated Montreal in 1925.
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2 thoughts on “Go Mighty Ducks!

  1. snerk they aren't The Mighty Ducks anymore, they are now the more mature and refined DUCKS. 😉 My son is still annoyed by that he liked the old MD's logo.While if the Leafs has been in the cup this year I would have been rather upset if they had been beaten by the Ducks…seeing as Ottawa is one of our main rivals I am cheering with you. my hubby was extremely happy with this out come, as he LOATHES the Senators.yeah duckies!

  2. Yeah, if they were playing the Canes, I couldn't have been happy for them either. Hockey is probably the only sport where I can watch the playoffs even if my team isn't in them. I liked the old uniforms too. 😦 I guess they're trying to distance themselves from the movies.

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