Movie Review: Bobby

This is one of those movies that I had every intention of seeing in the theatre, but never got around to it.  Last night, Dan and I had dinner with another couple and then rented this to watch at their place. 

I thought it was fantastic, and it really gave you a feeling for how important Bobby was to the people who supported him.  It also showed how devastating it was for regular people at the hotel when he was shot.  The most moving stories in my opinion were those of the minorities who were pinning their hopes for the future on Bobby.   The story about the young man who was getting married so he would be sent to Germany instead of Vietnam was pretty good too, even though that was Lindsay Lohan's story.

The couple we saw it with didn't know that the movie wasn't really about Bobby as much as the people who were affected by his shooting so I think they were disappointed.

Of course Dan laughed at me for crying at the end, even though I knew how it would end.

The movie included snippets of speeches he made, and it definitely made me long for a president who could speak eloquently.


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