The Office Finale Rocked! (spoilers)

The Office finale was hilarious.  I love that the temp guy got the corporate job.   Now it's just time for the HR guy to exact his revenge on Michael.

Dan laughed at me because I squealed and clapped when Jim said, "It's a date!"  Jenna Fischer nailed the facial expression in that scene.

Who knows what will happen next season since Karen didn't get the corporate job, but it will surely be entertaining.  I loved it when she said, "Pam's kind of a bitch."  I like Pam, but that was true in this situation.

Lots of good Dwight stuff this episode too.  Rainn Wilson is perfect in this role.

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3 thoughts on “The Office Finale Rocked! (spoilers)

  1. I somehow managed to miss the end (I thought it was over after then Pam/Jim thing) and when I realized and switched back I just caught the end with Temp saying "it's over" (or something like that). Ryan got the corporate job? That's hilarious.I didn't really care for the episode. Dwight seemed too over-the-top and the whole Jan fiasco was crazy. But I guess I have a whole summer to come to terms with it. 🙂

  2. rogue – The Jan situation was pretty crazy. I thought the best parts of the episode involved Michael and the interview. The previous episode at the beach was funnier, especially with the sumo wrestling.W.B. Mook – Yes they did. I wonder if Karen will stay at Scranton for long since she seemed to go there just for Jim.

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