Vox Hunt: Small Screen Crush

Video: Show us your TV crush.
Submitted by quornflour.

I've had a crush on Anderson Cooper ever since I watched him on Channel One in middle school.  He made current events much more appealing.

As slytherinlibrarian said in her post, House's snarkiness adds to his hotness factor. 

I'm not being very original with this one, but he is very dreamy.  He's another long time crush from my childhood due to Can't Buy Me Love.

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3 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Small Screen Crush

  1. Nice choices. When I used to have cable/dish/whatever, I would watch CNN just for Anderson Cooper. My sister would tease me about him being gay, but I didn't believe her — but apparently he is. Anyhow, I still think he's hot.

  2. One of my coworker's a few years ago clipped a bunch of his ads for Anderson Cooper 360 from all the magazines she could find and put them up in my cube. That was a little embarrassing! I remember reading that he was gay, but he won't really talk about his personal life so it's not widely known. You're right, he's still smokin' hot.

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