Baby steps.

I took the first steps towards learning to sew yesterday.  I cleaned out my grandmother's old sewing table, which was quite an undertaking.  I also practiced sewing on some el cheapo fabric from JoAnn.  For some reason the backstitches with this machine are really loose.  I need to play around with it some more to see if I can fix that somehow.  It may be due to the fact that the machine is over 40 years old.  I may have to get a budget machine if this one won't backstitch.  :(  I want this one to work because it's so cool looking!

The entire photoset of the organizing process is here if you're interested.

Cool packaging.JPGCool Scissors.JPGThimbles.JPG

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5 thoughts on “Baby steps.

  1. My dad gave me my mom's sewing machine after she passed away. I haven't used it because any sewing I've done has been by hand. Like pants hems, throw pillows, etc. I would love to whip a quick pair of curtains or make a bedspread that is perfect for my room rather than trying to find one. That kind of thing. My mom was prolific. She made everything and well. I bet you will enjoy it.

  2. A friend of mine has a sewing machine like that, when she started using it again she bought some special lubricating oil and really oiled the motors and stuff. She said it worked very well after that. Good luck! Sewing has always been so fun for me, I wish I had more time for it…

  3. Dancing Bear – I am really excited about learning to use a machine. I have lots of ideas for things to make, but I have to make myself slow down and get the hang of it first.maura_ea – I have some Singer sewing machine oil, but I think I need some lubricant for the motor because the instructions say so. I'll probably have to go to a sewing shop for that. There may even be a Singer one around here.Gunderson Bee – I kept waiting for someone to teach me, but I finally bit the bullet and figured I could teach myself from a book. lauowolf – I'm hoping it will be something simple to fix. I'm sure it is. I just need to play around with it some more.

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