Tearjerker Tuesday

OK, I decided to participate in Tearjerker Tuesday.  I head over to YouTube, and NONE of the scenes I'm looking for are there!  A lot of stupid "tribute" videos to the movies are there, but not the actual scenes.  Argh.  Here's a list – you can imagine how sad they are, I guess:

  1. Steel Magnolias – The saddest scene ever!  Sally Field at her daughter's grave. 
  2. My Girl – The funeral where Anna Chlumsky has to be carried away yelling, "He can't see without his glasses!"
  3. Where the Heart Is – Pretty much the whole movie.

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3 thoughts on “Tearjerker Tuesday

  1. Oh god, I can't watch My Girl. It's just too much. The bees, why the bees! It was just on the other day and I made my mom change the channel heh

  2. Gunderson Bee – I actually haven't read the book, which is unusual because I usually rush to read books before seeing movies that are based on them. It came out while I was working as a projectionist in a movie theater though so I watched it while I was at work in between movie start times.Jo – I can't watch it either. I found one very short clip of the funeral scene and started crying at just that. It was in the middle of a "tribute" video so I didn't import it to Vox.

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