Comic Sans MS, how I loathe thee

I just spent an hour looking at all the PowerPoint presentations from my research methods class.  Since it is an on-line class, we all did a PPT to show the rest of the class our research proposals.  These proposals were supposed to look like a presentation that you would give to get someone to fund your study.

There were several presentations that were filled with clip-art and animated GIFs and typed in Comic Sans MS font.  Several people didn't even bother to check their grammar.  Come on people, this is graduate school!

What the hell?  Did they think they were in a class with a bunch of third graders?

If some of these presentations were actually presented to a panel to request money, they would have been met by blank stares.

We're supposed to give constructive criticism for all of them that will be distributed confidentially.  One of my criticisms was simply, "Use spell check."

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6 thoughts on “Comic Sans MS, how I loathe thee

  1. Well, at least they're learning important skills for when they get flushed out of grad school and have to write PowerPoints for a draconian corporate presentation about the latest initiative to retain customers of a faceless and uncaring company.Get thee behind me, Comic Sans MS!

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