Movie Day

Today unintentionally ended up being all about movies for me.  In a post today (well yesterday because it's late), Eiron noted how she feels bad watching a DVD while putting off studies, but aimless channel surfing doesn't seem so bad.  That is exactly what kept me watching movies on TV all day today.  First, I flipped around and decided to watch "Singles," which was on Showtime on Demand.  It has been at least ten years since I saw this the first time, and it is so much better watching it now that I've actually been through the adult dating scene.  I suggest a re-watch if it has been a while for you as well.  As a teenager, I liked it but didn't quite get it.

Then – because I wouldn't want to actually get something done on my final project today – I flipped to another On Demand channel.  There I decided on "The Lake House," which I have not seen.  I liked it, but it seemed a little disjointed at times.  The twist isn't much of a twist, but I like Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock even in their bad roles.  Other actors in the same story may not have been as fun to watch.  I also wanted some sort of explanation of why this little glitch in time happened, but I never got it.

I can't say I actually watched Pretty Woman today because I only saw part of it.  I did see the best part, in which Richard Gere makes the store clerks suck up to Julia Roberts (forgive me for not knowing the characters' names).  Then she goes to the girl that was bitchy the day before and says, "Big mistake."  I love it.  Nothing quite so heartwarming as a filthy rich guy buying a hooker for a week and falling in love, eh?  😉

For the grand finale of this movie day, I went to a friend's house and we watched "Stranger Than Fiction."  It was awesome!  I am definitely going to buy the DVD and watch it over and over again.  If you like to read and tend to get attached to the characters in books, you'll love this.  We were supposed to all be knitting while we watched, but it was so good that we were all on the edges of our seats.  Definitely a must see.  I think I'll post a more extensive review tomorrow rather than sticking it in at the bottom of this post.

Lest my neighbors think that I got nothing done today, I had a second wind when I got home from my friend's place.  I did the article summary portion and got a few other things ironed out as well.  So I guess it wasn't a complete wash.

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One thought on “Movie Day

  1. I have hit bottom. I watched movies all day yesterday because of the rain and cold and can't even remember what I watched. I did watch House of the Flying Daggers but had already seen it before. I just didn't want to get up and find the remote. Has it come to that already for me?

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