My cat is obese.

I think it's time to face the facts.  My cat is ginormous.

I did some research online, and I'm going to go out this afternoon and buy her this food
Dan and I went to the gym this afternoon, and we're starting our
wedding diets today as well.  So it's just as good a time as any to put
Madeline on a diet.

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6 thoughts on “My cat is obese.

  1. I hate to burst your bubble, but my cat has been on that food for about a year now, and I don't think he's lost any weight at all. I'm going to bring him to the vet. Our apartment is just so tiny that he doesn't get any exercise.

  2. I put my cat on reduced fat too. The thing with that kind of food though is in portions. You're supposed to feed, if I remember correctly, 1/4 three times a day – and that's it! My cat sits on my head in the middle of the night if I do that.

  3. I'm thinking of investing in one of those "timed" feeder machines. I know it might seem extreme – but maybe if my cat realizes that I'm not "in control" of the feeding he wont take it out on me and then I can stick to the 1/4 3x a day schedule. Does that make any sense?

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