Wow, you are such a good person!

In case you haven't heard, John and Elizabeth Edwards found out that Elizabeth's breast cancer has come back.  It is stage 4, and is no longer curable, although it is treatable.  In North Carolina, it is pretty big news so a few people were talking about it at work today.  One of my coworkers is a breast cancer survivor so she was particularly interested and saddened by the news.

Another of my coworkers turned around in his chair today and said, "You know, I really hate him as a politician, but I am really sorry for what has happened to his wife." 

Is there a reason why he had to preface his statement with his political feelings about John Edwards?  Does it make him a better person because he feels human compassion for someone that he wouldn't vote for?  Would he be a little more upset if it was Laura Bush or Lynne Cheney? 

Of course I kept all of those thoughts to myself and mumbled something about how the couple has had some particularly bad luck in life, and I was sad that anyone has to deal with breast cancer.  It doesn't surprise me that he had no idea that the couple lost a son in 1996.

Maybe I'm being too hard on him, but he just seemed to feel so proud that he could put aside his political opinion to feel bad for someone who has cancer.

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