5 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Couldn’t Get Through It

  1. I to have oft wanted to read this book. However, I have never yet managed to purchase or otherwise procure it. Please let me know if you finish and if it is good.

  2. I can make this claim, too… but I don't consider it to be something I will never finish.I actually love the story, it's just that the book is so physically large that there are only so many positions and situations I can read it in. It's not a toss-in-the-tote sort of book.

  3. I loved this book. I think I read it when I was in way way back 6th grade or so and was completely addicted from then on out. People thought I was insane back then. They asked me if I was reading a dictionary. I have often wanted to go back and read it, but like they have said before me, it's so bloody huge.

  4. The physical size of the book is a big factor. I have to admit that the length is a bit daunting as well. What I've read is very good so I think I'll finish it one day. I know it won't be until I'm done with grad school though.

  5. The length is definitely daunting, but it's such a good book. I want to reread it but the length has been putting me off. I can sympathize with the grad school factor – I always seem to have the most time to read when I'm working full time, and I can't wait to graduate and get back to that so my evenings are mine to read novels instead of textbooks!

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