Neil Gaiman on Scrotums

Last Tuesday, Neil Gaiman posted about the controversy over Susan Patron's The Higher Power of Lucky on his on-line journal in a post titled "An Absence of Scrota — your guide to quality literature."

I just saw it this afternoon, and I like his take on the issue.

"I've decided that librarians who would decline to have a Newbery book in their libraries because they don't like the word scrotum are probably not real librarians (whom I still love unconditionally). I think they're rogue librarians who have gone over to the dark side.

Still, I'm glad that there's finally a solid rule of thumb guide to what's quality literature and what isn't."

Click here if you want to read the whole post.  Click here for an article he linked to that lists children's books that mention scrotums.  I guess they all have to go now also.

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6 thoughts on “Neil Gaiman on Scrotums

  1. That's cool that you read his blog. I can't read any blogs by my favorite authors because they always end up giving something away about their past books (that I've yet to read) and it bums me out 😡

  2. Scrotum is a great word. I love mine! Why should children not know of this word? This word along with penis and vagina are not bad words. People should not feel embarrassed to use a word that describes our anatomy. Penis penis vagina!

  3. Don't forget that the book is good despite and including the scrotum. Too many times good things get overlooked by controversy. Anyway, that's my 1 cent. I liked the book, and just like Mr. Citizen Geek, I love my scrotum!

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