Can’t wait for this movie!


4 thoughts on “Can’t wait for this movie!

  1. I didn't know what this was (and didn't watch the clip you posted) and then I saw a commercial and I smacked Paul and said, "Bookishly Fabulous wants to see this!"He doesn't understand about pen names, he was confused 🙂

  2. Citizen Geek – I did see Heroes last night. It was really good. I had been getting a little tired of it lately, but they grabbed my interest again last night. I really like the direction they are going with Peter.maura_ea – I didn't see the commercial for it until last night either. Actually, I think it was during Heroes. I'll use someone's screen name every once in a while with my fiance too, and then I have to explain it's someone on Vox.

  3. This trailer just made my night. Just finished "Stranger Than Fiction" with Will Ferrel and this movie is just totally going into a whole different direction from there, cant wait to see ya, Hero is getting interesting again. I'm a little disappointed how they introduced so many character without a past. Hopefully some revealing in the future.

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