Table for Two

From Red Pen:

If you could dine with an author (living or dead) each evening for a week, who would you select, and why?

Sunday – Sylvia PlathThe Bell Jar was one of my favorite books ever, and I want to know what was in the journals that Ted Hughes destroyed.

Monday – Beverly Cleary – As I've noted many times before, she is the reason that I became an avid reader.

Tuesday – George Orwell – I'd love to hear what he would have to say about the current political climate.

Wednesday – Dr. Seuss – We would not have green eggs and ham.

Thursday – Isabel Allende – She has had such an interesting life. 

Friday – Marian Keyes – This would be a fun girls night out.  Her books are so funny even though they are about serious topics like drug addiction and depression.

Saturday – David Sedaris – I can't read his books in public because I laugh out loud like a madwoman.  He would be a riot at dinner.

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