Brick Wall

I have an opinion paper due tomorrow about whether I believe the Achievement Gap exists in education.  I believe it does exist, and I have decided to describe the reasons it exists relating to income level and ethnicity.  The income level part was easy.  If a kid doesn't have food, shelter, and safety, academic achievement is nearly impossible (remember Maslow's Hierarchy from Intro to Pysch?).

My problem is putting into words the reason for the ethnicity gap in academic achievement.  It all has to do with motivation and expectancy theory, but I can't figure out how to say it.  Argh! 

The paper is only one page, and that is part of my problem.  I only have about five or six lines left to explain why I think two different psychological theories contribute to low achievement in minority students.

Maybe I'll go to the gym and come back to this when I get back.

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