Two Book Reviews.

We just got back from our holiday trip to NY today.  I thought I'd give a quick review of the two books I read on the trip.

It took me a while to finish Isabel Allende's Zorro, but that's only because I started it before the semester was over.  If I had the time, I would have gobbled this one up in a night or two.  Allende crafted a great epic of Zorro's journey from birth to become the defender of justice we all know and love.  This book ended with me wanting more.  She did such a good job of developing the supporting characters that I was more interested in them than I was in Zorro.   Aside from that, this novel has everything you could possibly need in a story:  romance, action, pirates, and bad guys that you love to hate.


My cousin recommended Daniel Silva to me at Thanksgiving this year, and I'm so glad that she did.  I've never read a spy novel, but I'm definitely hooked on the genre now.  Instead of the typical Cold War based plots, this novel is based on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  It was a nail biter, and I'm heading out tonight to pick up the next in the series.  I can't say that the book is completely unbiased, but I thought it presented a story that was unforgiving of the violence on either side of the conflict.  This isn't a good versus evil story, and that made it all the better.

Highly Recommended

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