Vox Hunt: My Desktop

Show us your desktop.
Submitted by Anthony.

Here is my desktop.  I got the background and icons from this site.  There are all kinds of cute desktops and icon sets on the Pixie Girl site, and I rotate them periodically.  This one has been on my desktop for a while now because I think it's really cute. 

I can't stand a desktop cluttered with icons so I only have four.  I also keep my dock hidden and on the left side so I don't accidentally hit it when resizing a window or whatnot.  My "Stuff" folder holds all the stuff I use often but don't want cluttering my desktop (like the World of Warcraft icon, hehe).  I use Spotlight (for non-Mac users, it's the blue dot at the top right with a magnifying glass) to find everything else.

I love this Vox Hunt because I like seeing how other people arrange their desktops.

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