Use your inside voice!

This rant comes to you from a table in a Borders cafe, where I am working on a paper that is due tomorrow.  At home, I would find a million ways to procrastinate even further until it's 1 in the morning and I'm still not even started. 

I understand that Borders is not a library, and people in the cafe are free to talk to each other.  My friends and I often hang out together at Borders to drink coffee, look at books, and talk.  However, the people at the next table probably can't hear exactly what we're talking about.  One reason I'm here and not at the library is that I can have my headphones on and not worry that people around me can hear my music since it usually is so quiet in the library.

So I'm sitting here, with my headphones on, and I can hear EVERY WORD that a woman on the other side of the cafe is saying to her friend.  This is even with the espresso machine going because it's fairly busy here tonight.  So I'm hearing the expected low murmur of conversation and one woman who will not shut the fuck up or use her inside voice.  I don't care that her daughter is in dance and softball.  I don't care that she likes to read Time magazine.  I don't care about anything that she has to say. 

There are tables full of people all around me that are talking, and I couldn't tell you what they are saying without turning off my music and concentrating on eavesdropping.  They all seem to be able to hear each other just fine.  So why does the person sitting right next to her need her to shout like they're at a rock concert?

End of rant.

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2 thoughts on “Use your inside voice!

  1. Probably because this person realises (consciously or sub-consciously) that what she is talking about is so devoid of substance that she needs to yell to make people listen.

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