My, What a Big Purse You Have…

Because I'm bored and trying to come up with reasons to stay here on the couch, here is what I've done today.

First, I got up and went to get a haircut.  I really liked going at 9
because it's very quiet and peaceful as most people have their hair
done in the afternoon.  I got it cut and dyed.  What do you think?  Excuse the hair in my face.  This is a self portrait so it's not the best picture.  And my nose looks weird…  It's really not crooked, I promise.  Anyway, I really dig this style.  My hairdresser rocks!

Inside purse

Then, I went to Kohl's because it's in the same shopping center as my hair salon, and bought the following:  a new purse, mascara, and two new sheet sets.  They had a great sale going on, and I really needed a new everyday purse.

Now, my quest for a new bag has been going on for over a month now.  I was even willing to spend a lot on a designer one, and I just never found one that I liked.  All purses for sale right now are either so small that I can't carry my reading glasses (much less my iPod, cell phone, Palm Pilot, car stereo detachable face, lotion, lip gloss, and a book) with me.  I know that sounds like a lot of junk, but it would all fit quite nicely in a medium-sized purse.  That's what I was using, but it has a hole in it that I noticed just recently.  So this purse isn't quite as ginormous as the other ones for sale, but it's still granny-sized.  I should get some Rolaids, tissues, and Freedent gum to finish it off.  I really do like it though.  I love tweed in general.

Finally, I came home and finished an assignment that I'd been putting off.  I also bought the new Amos Lee album.  It has been a very consumer-driven day so far.  I want to get up and go to the mall because I have a coupon for New York & Company, and I really need more long-sleeved shirts since it's getting cold out.  The cold is keeping me from getting out though this afternoon.  It's very gloomy.  As Dr. Evil would say, it's frickin freezing here, Mr. Biggelsworth.

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