QotD: My First Gig

What was your very first job? 
Submitted by Laurel.

My first job was at the concessions counter of a movie theater.  I worked my way all the way up to the projection room!

I was in college when I got this job (my parents weren't keen on me working in high school).  It was definitely the most interesting job I've ever had.  This movie theater is a $1.50 second run theater so we got a lot of college and high school students and thrifty adults.  None of these people ever understood that one or two theaters have had the films before us.  Obviously, there were going to be a few scratches.  I'd have people asking me (when I was a projectionist) to fix the scratches in the movie they were watching.  Um, HELLO, it's a scratch in film, it can't be "buffed" like a scratched CD.   Then they'd sit and watch the whole movie and ask for a refund afterwards.  You can't get a refund if you thought it was good enough to sit through, people. 

College students would ask for a student discount.  Are you kidding?  On a $1.50 movie?  One summer, the company raised the price to $2.00 and had to drop it back to $1.50 because people thought $2.00 was too expensive.

One of our managers orchestrated an armed robbery of the bank deposit at the end of the night.  They almost got away with it, but they decided to do it again, which was stupid.  It didn't take much to obtain a management position there.

Even though the customers (and a high percentage of the employees) were certifiable, it was a great college job once I made it to the projection room.  I got to either sit and read between movies or actually watch movies in my down time.  It's also pretty cool to know how everything works behind the little glass in the back of the theather.

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